To Live is Christ
A manual revealing the steps to freedom in Christ

To live is Christ has been written by someone who was willing to take the challenge to walk in obedience to Jesus Christ.  After losing her husband twelve years ago, with two children to bring up, Alison chose to walk closely with God and to listen to His voice. As you read you will find out how she took hold of God and His teaching at some of the most difficult times in her life learning to hear the Lord in depth, revealing to us what needs to take place, for us to truly follow the Lord of Lord's and the King of Kings.

Alison became a Christian seventeen years ago after moving to Norfolk, England. She has operated in her prophetic gifting throughout this time and has been actively involved in all aspects of church life. More recently, she has joined together with a group of ladies to organize Christian conferences in which she has been asked to speak, bringing some of the teachings in this book. Alison would have to say that the greatest teacher any of us can ever have is the Holy Spirit.  Her desire is to bring Spirit-led teaching to the Body of Christ so that they can be released into a place of wholeness and from that place to achieve the purpose to which they are called.  


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To Live is Christ - Allison Hill

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