Response to A Little Piece of Heaven by Eunice Golding

"I felt after reading your book that God was speaking so clearly words that were in my heart; words that need to be heard.! It made me want to cry, because I felt the love flow from the Father, through the son and Holy Spirit. My heart is for those I love, who don't know Him to read this book".

Olivia O'Neil's response after reading A Little Piece of Heaven

If you are on a journey seeking God, this is the book for you! Alison's insight into the ways of God is a marvellous eye-opener and revelation which all God seeking people should read. It will soften your heart, bring you the utmost hope and reveals just how vast, deep and wide God's love is , for all of us. An absolutely BRILLIANT read!

Review by Barry Lawrence

A Little Piece of Heaven is allegorical, and I found echoes of Pilgrim’s Progress, The Shack, and The Secret Place– but every book is different, of course. Alison envisages heaven as a mountain being ascended from the lakeside at the bottom, where many believers are content to remain – a mountain in which there are many rooms, and lessons to learn in all of them Because I so rarely read allegorical books, I had to keep reminding myself that it is a picture, or a series of pictures. And when I did so, I saw the lessons, the truths, the challenges, the choices of life, and so on. And many of these truths will continue with me. Here are some–We can dance with the King. When I think of what the Lord has done in my life, I feel like dancing. So, quite often, I simply dance to express my joy. I loved this picture. Express your joy! A truth that was repeated a few times was that we need to find our ministry, and then engage in it. This is the way to productivity in the kingdom, and fulfilment in living. Likewise, that life is more  about a real relationship with Jesus than about church’ or ‘doing good things’ and so on. Also, the more we feel that our earthly life is the most important thing, the more likely we are to feel devastated when we fail. I loved the words on the penultimate page “No matter how low a person goes and how far they fall, there is always as way back right up until the very end.”

But we are continually brought back to the fact that life is ‘choices’– decisions to make in this life, NOW! The choices we make on earth affect our quality of life here, and in the future the Lord has for us. Remembering  g always that this is a picture (and not the real thing) read, chew over, meditate – and allow the Spirit of God to apply those things that will enable you to become more effective for the Lord and more greatly fulfilled in life. I am indebted to Alison for r her work encouraging other Christian authors, and I wanted to read her book.

Maybe it's not the type of book I would normally read, and so it has been good for me.


        Author of  There Must Be More To Life Than This!

"Brilliant, I feel encouraged and blessed by reading it and excited about what lies ahead." God is good all the time!

Judy Boxall 

This is a fantastic book, it made me laugh, it made me cry and in places in made my jaw drop to the floor. It takes you  on a journey that you never want to end, higher and higher up the mountain and even into the presence of God and it that's what heaven is like then I definitely want to go there. A very enjoyable read and I will certainly read it more than once!

Review by Emma Amir