Welcome to my ministry page.

I live in my home town Chester after moving from King's Lynn, Norfolk where I lived for nearly thirty years. I am an author of two books. My main gifting is the prophetic and I have been invited to speak at a number of conferences over the years. I have a ministry called Butterfly Ministries. As part of this ministry I will be offering workshops to churches and small groups.. 

I have been the project co-coordinator of Celebrate King's Lynn for two years after which I passed it on to a committee made up of members of local churches.

A Little Piece of Heaven
This book has been written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. As I placed my hands on the key board, words simply flowed onto the page. A number of people have been impacted by this book; including a good friend of mine, who gave her heart to the Lord whilst reading, saying 'Everyone should read this, why doesn't everybody know this." A year later just before she passed away she gave it to her husband insisting that he read it, which he did and also gave his heart to the Lord. I am so thankful to God for this wonderful opportunity to impact lives in this way through writing. I hope and pray that many more will be affected by it and also share there stories with others.

How to hear God
To hear God is a crucial part of our lives as born again believers. We cannot say we are led by the Spirit of God without being able to pray and receive guidance. This booklet gives the reader the basic tools to produce a good foundation. As they do this they will create a platform; from which hearing God becomes the normal Christian experience.